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Power Washing Bench


Pressure washing services are critical on the Virginia Peninsula, as our humid climate creates mold and mildew quickly! When we come to your house to pressure wash, we don't miss a spot. We clean your home like it's our home—removing that ugly green or black coating to reveal the original material below. We'll pressure / power wash your driveway, sidewalk, vinyl siding, deck, slate/stone, concrete and more!


But don't trust just any random guy with a power washer... you should only hire a licensed and insured pressure washing company on the Virginia Peninsula, who understands the unique climate here and its effect on exterior surfaces.

When you call Action Painting Service, you get peace of mind that you're working with an established, experienced pressure washing company. 

  • Driveways & Sidewalks

  • Decks & Porches

  • Vinyl Siding

  • Wood Siding

  • Brick Walls

  • Wood Fences

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