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Scraping of Wallpaper


For drywall repair on the Virginia Peninsula, call a company with exceptional attention to detail! Action Painting Service treats every house like it's our own. When we patch and repair drywall, we ensure every seam and swipe is smoothed out until it's invisible. Water damage to drywall is a common problem in Hampton Roads, due to our humid, wet weather and severe storms that can let water in. We've got the right drywall repair experience for any level of water damage, from commercial to residential.

Ready to remove that tacky wallpaper that you loved decades ago, or was already hanging in the house when you bought it? Action Painting Service offers professional wallpaper removal, plus repair and repainting for the updated, custom look you desire. Trying to remove wallpaper yourself can cause damage, that in the end could cost you even more than hiring a wallpaper removal company in the first place. So avoid the hassle and risk, and let us tackle the problem for you.

  • Wallpaper Removal

  • Sheetrock Work

  • Water Damage Repair

  • Drywall Damage Repair

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