‎Regina Root‎ to Action Painting Service

We contacted several painters and got several estimates. When I received a postcard in the mail for Action Painting, we called and I’m so glad we did! Its owner Zaher Miran is a lovely person and his group of professional experts make one’s house and deck and surroundings shine again! Thank you for all that you do!

Richard Draper‎ to Action Painting Service

I am happy to recommend Action Painting Service to anybody in the Tidewater area. Zaher Miran is the most skillful and knowledgable painter we have ever hired. He is fast, neat and determined to give you a perfect job. I can’t say enough good things about his professionalism and intense work ethic. Not a drop or drip on anything. Very accurate work; he is a perfectionist. He sometimes works into the night if schedule calls for it. He was always on time and anxious to please. Zaher provides a superior work product and a great value.
Richard and Tomoko, Williamsburg, VA

I would recommend
 Zaher Miran
(dba Action Painting Service) as a competent and the through worker. He has done a considerable amount of work for us and we always found the work performed in a capable manner and in a timely fashion.
I believe you would benefit from his service.
“- Hunter S. Vermillion, Owner
Williamsburg Hotel Associates
Williamsburg, Virginia
I would be happy to
recommend you to anybody that needs fast, quality service. After the satisfaction you gave us, I know anybody would be happy with your painting service.
“- Alan Cochrane
Sentry Self Storage
Williamsburg, Virginia

   ” As a homeowner and a business owner,
I have had my share of disappointing experience dealing with various contractors… but Action Painting Service provided a delightful change from all that! The work they did for me was begun and completed on time and in a most professional manner.”

                                                   _ Zandra Kenney
Anchor Printing & Design Services
Hampton, Virginia

Dear Zaher,

I would like to thank you for the excellent painting work you and your crew did at my house. It was not an easy job. The great room had to be converted from stained wood to paint. This involved converting extensive panelling and wooden beams. There were complications which required your creativity and you came through with flying colors. I would recommend you to anyone not only for your quality work but also because you are very cooperative and truely want the  customer to be 100% satisfied.

C. F.
A Ford’s Colony Homeowner

It is the best…
painting job I have ever had! They took my fifty year old walls and made them look brand new. I didn’t have to move anything. They make a perfect team; Each one knows what to do and does it quickly and skillfully. I would recommend Action Painting Service to any homeowner.”                    D. Williams
( Homeowner in Hampton)
It looks lovely…
and you are so easy to get along with. You adjusted perfectly with my schedule. I would recommend you to anyone.A Homeowner in